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To advance South African healthcare through translational research


To develop the next generation of global experts and medical leaders by creating a collegial environment that harnesses research excellence.


  • Members are encouraged to do PhDs, publish their research, present at both international conferences and to supervise postgraduate degrees.

  • Members are encouraged to get National Research Foundation (NRF) rating and will be nurtured towards distinguishable scholarly achievements

  • The society sources mentors for its members to optimise their academic potential and to provide personal coaching

Core Business

  • Leadership training: The society provides leadership training to health care professionals and
    medical scientists, integrating the role of emotional intelligence in health leadership
  • Research training: The society provides research training for conducting postgraduate research
    and clinical trials
  • Collaboration: The society has a heterogeneous group of skilled medical specialists with
    multiple and varying skill sets; collaborative research will be promoted through this network of
    clinician scientists conducting research in South Africa. Through the society, individuals can form
    research groups or recruit research investigators
  • Funding: Endeavors to source and fund key research areas, to support emerging researchers
    through funding their research
  • Recognizing and celebrating research excellence